Salmon Trout

Ocean Supreme are able to offer Salmon Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) to our customers in various sizes.

With sizes ranging from 3-5kg as standard and other sizes available on request, we are able to supply both fresh and frozen Salmon Trout as required.
Fresh - Head on Gutted
Frozen - Head on Gutted or Head off Gutted  
Superior & Ordinary quality 
Size range:
Fresh - 3-4kg / 4-5kg
Frozen - 2-3kg / 3-4kg / 4-5kg (Head on Gutted), 1,8-2,7kg / 2,7-3,6kg / 3,6-4,5kg (Head off Gutted) 
Fresh - "25kg" Styrofoam box at 21kg average net (random weight)
Frozen - "25kg" Cardboard carton at 25kg average net (random weight)