Atlantic Salmon Fillets

By applying the same logistics and planning principles used with wholefish, Ocean Supreme has positioned itself strategically within the fillet market and is one of very few Norwegian exporters who can offer both high end Pre and Post Rigor fillets with fresh specification.

The majority of Norwegian fillet exports has historically been built around the concept of Pre Rigor fillets, normally cut within a few hours of harvest. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the pin bones from a pre rigor fillet and as such some customers require further processing after delivery, increasing handling and costs.

Ocean Supreme uses the transport phase of the supply chain to allow the whole fish to pass through the rigor mortis stage and be ready for production as soon as it arrives for processing at our partner factories. At this stage, the fillet can be fully de boned with no damage or compromise to the shelf life, and no further processing will be required by the end user.

Ocean Supreme can supply a full range of trims and packaging sizes, some examples of which include Individual Vacuum Packaging (IVP) and Bulk Packaging. For more information and to view the the Fillet Trim & Product Guide, please click here.